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31 May 2005
  Beuys, Fassbinder und Anna
Rainer Werner Fassbinder: Today is his 60. Birthday
Rüdiger Suchsland wrote a fine Article today: Alles ist besser als Nichts
1995 I made a image of some of the most important players in the Post-War-Germany, inspired by the former troika: Marx-Engels-Lenin. Fassbinder, hardly misunderstood, Beuys the same and Anna, my Girlfriend in that time: She always found everything 'Super'

I liked Fassbinders phrase: "Schlafen kann ich, wenn ich tot bin." always very much. I am very sad today. Thank you Rüdiger for your great articles.


29 May 2005
  United Nations Paratrooper 1993
I painted this image in 1993 under the impression of the United Nations sending troops for example by Ukraine, labeled as for example 'peacekeepers' to countries for example Bosnia or Ivory Coast. So this guy is maybe the third son of a Ukrainian farmer from Kharkiv, paid 400 USD a month by the UN, just dropped to a complete unknown battleground of ethnic clashes. Instead of a Blue helmet, I gave the whole guy a good visible yellow. He is of course not a newcomer, but a warhorse, experienced maybe in Afghanistan and Ossetia. But since I painted him in 1993, maybe he is dead now a long time already.

UNO-Falli 1993, Oil on Canvas, 200x160 cm


28 May 2005
  20 Minutes of rest and peace
I felt today watching the beautiful Georgian hairdresser Christina cutting the hair of my son. She did her utmost not to frighten him with the scissors and the various machines, but I smiled all the time on the poster of Uma Thurman pulling her sword...

I like photos with a mirror theme, the hairdresser is the best place for that.


27 May 2005
  Duane Keiser Interview
There is an interesting interview in two parts with Duane Keiser by Alexandra Silverthorne wich gives insights in the work and teaching of this great painter. "Seeing an F-14 take off at night using afterburners..." - I'd like too see that too. I am sorry for some harsh comments before. But thinking on the fact, that it is of course possible and legitime to paint a beautiful still life in war-torn times like ours, leeds to the reading of the Essays of Lawrence Weschlers "Vermeer in Bosnia" because this is of course a quite often phenomena in art: Painting a silent random part of life in the eye of the storm of conflicts. Goya and his Caprichos is not the neccessarily the normality, but there was a Morandi or Modigliani too.



The tough guys ?


  Our Studio
This is the Atelier where my son Hans Peter paints and me. I plan to build a studio for us with a good light and the right size in 2006 somewhere above Tbilisi.


  Lucian Freud and Duane Keiser
Today was the day of Lucian Freud because of this great article at The Times by John Cornwell, only the German Critic Hanno Rauterberg is able to write at this level here in Germany I think.
The newest painting of Freud tells about his relationship towards art and admirers, but somehow it really reminds me on a big kitsch painting, lets say like a Carl Spitzweg. I always found Frank Auerbach much more thrilling, but must confess, that I never saw Freuds originals.
Anyway, reading about great artists in the morning made me clear again, how bad is it going with my own painting. I can not make a good painting anymore, also because of this feeling for the last 10-12 years I can not trust the daily painting of Duane Keiser. I really mistrust that kind of trompe d'oil. Whats the sense behind, exept that 100 USD a day ? He better asked a 10.000 USD an then we will see, or should go to a Iraq for a while and make the paintings of dying soldiers and civilians there. My favorites are the Lemon slices, in that way I think he really invented a new theme into art and the Lure Number 4, I could get really jeaulous on the buyer of that piece. Thank you, Duane and my best congratulations to the buyers.

Nasty Sniper, 2005


  The Eagles of Saakashvili
As today is the Day of Georgian Independance, I made this small painting especially for Misha Saakashvili ;-)

Eagle of Saakashvili, 2005


26 May 2005
  Pankisi Valley Georgia Animation Still

October 2003 in Samarkand, without wife and the kids, I worked hours in the evenings on a flash parody on the Pankisi Valley in Georgia, with boieviks, smoke, granates, helicopter, shootings. Of course, there never had been such fights, but international media wanted to be this beautiful valley a hiding place for so called Terrorists- so that imagination was the real theme of my animation. I did finish just 90%, because I did not come out with a good plot, just an endless fighting. Indeed, these actions to bring into Flash, was what interested me most. So this is a still from the beginning of this little movie.


25 May 2005
  Green Berets from 2001


  Blogs on Art
First I could not find any, but after a while I got closer to the structure of Blogs and found plenty of them. Most are in English, very few German ones. The Blog wich makes me really exited is from VVOI:
I am glad that at least one guy writes a blog on art, as I would like to do. I am even a little bit proud, that New Art is from Europe, from Portugal. By the way, here in Tbilisi is a Gallery, called New Art Union. Check it out here:


  Kleine Kriegsszene

Is this Animation disturbing ? I mean not for the content, but for the moving frames on a more stillstanding website ?


  Kleiner Maler

Working very concentrated.


24 May 2005
  Rijsha and Sakhara
my horses from Khevsureti


  My Studio in Awchala outside Tbilisi




22 May 2005
  TV-Set by Murtazi Shvelidze
Although I hate soccer, I like this TV-Set by Murtazi Shvelidze from 1998 a lot. I'll buy it probably soon.


  Relating Silkroad
Inspired by a beautiful painting "Silkroad" by Gregg Chadwick I post this photo I shot at the Silkroad (probably more west, than Bruce' painting is related to the Silkroad) in Uzbekistan at Qarshi in Winter 2003/2004 at a Buzkashi-Game. I wrote an small Essay about it here in German. This part describes this rider:

"...Plötzlich. Ich bin gebannt. Der erste Reiter auf einem prachtvollen Rotfuchs lenkt seinen Hengst sicher auf der belebten Hauptstraße durch zwei Marschrutkas hindurch. Seine asiatischen Augen schauen über den Verkehr hinweg in die Ferne. Er sitzt wie ein breiter Götze auf dem Pferd, archaisch, ein Skythe, ein Hunne, ein echter Tamerlan. Wie nicht von dieser Welt, ein Vakuum, ein ruhig kreisendes schwarzes Loch am Rande des quirlenden Marktes.

Das Pferd ist groß, ein Kraftpaket, glänzend und bestens im Futter- es erinnert mich irgendwie an einen Panzer. Riesige schwarze Hufe tragen seinen ausgreifenden Schritt.
Ein abgeschabt verblichener, rötlicher Überwurf mit Stickereien reicht ihm bis zu den Gelenken. Unter dem verschwitzten Winterfell spielen gewaltige Halsmuskeln. Aus den Nüstern stößt in rhytmischen Abständen Dampf. Die Ohren sind spitz und sehr klein. Einige Augenblicke nur und der Reiter verschwindet hinter einem blau-weiß gestreiften Bus im Gedränge. ..."


  Maurice Wolf Photography
Maurice Wolf is for 20 years a Dutch Photographer living in Berlin. One of my favorite photos among a lot others is this one, taken in a living room in Abkhazia in 2000.

A few more photographies are shown at Kaukasus-Kaleidoscope


21 May 2005
  A little skirmish in Chechnya


  Friends and Artists
Once a while I am surfing news about my old friends, always surprized how fast is growing their success. One of the very few close friends in the world of Painting is Guy Richard Smit, with Gert Folmering my classmate at the Gerrit-Rietveld-Academie. He soon choosed to play in the one and real art place and his hometown New York. Artnet has listed him for quite some years, the MoMA and Roeblinghall are showing his works, he has a new relationship, and is sparking strange ideas- I surfed out: He is fine !

This work is one I like most from the last time.

Guy, when can we see Nausea 2 online ?


20 May 2005
  Spam from ...?
I got this text today and made this image


19 May 2005
A formation of beauty and death


17 May 2005
  A small painting 30x20 cm


16 May 2005
  Random numerals
Those numerals to choose took me almost 14 hours, but im satisfied now.


  New Images
This is to start, it reminds on a Seurat with horses


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