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25 May 2006

This is the famous sculpture by Vera Mukhina in Moscow. Since childhood I am fascinated of this one, as it appared on every trailer of the former Soviet Mosfilm Studios and gave the film a pathos and a smell of victory in advance.

"The most memorable feature of the exposition is the 25-meter-tall statue Worker and Woman-Kolkhoznik ("Rabochiy i Kolkhoznitsa") holding together the famous "hammer and sickle". Vera Mukhina's sculpture originally crowned the 35-meter-tall Soviet pavilion at the Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne (1937). It was well-known to the whole Soviet Union because it was used as the logo of Mosfilm studio." Wikipedia

Is it a good piece of art ? (I'd say yes.) Is it political art or not? (I'd say no.) It gives me a kind of unclear hope and belief in future. What do you think ?

Thanks to Chris Brooks from
I can show this amazing photo of the ship Vera Mukhina, its pylons look related to the statue !



24 May 2006
  Kraftwerk, Falco, Nomi
Brock had a short post on Klaus Nomi, and I remembered the songs of my youth. Sure all of you know Kraftwerk too. They didn't touch their website for 6-7 years I think, but it is a real piece of art and a classic.

Falco was a strange outsider with lots of cool songs. Some of you maybe know 'Rock me amadeus' or 'Kommissar'.

To those guys fits a good movie from Werner Herzog like

1. Aguirre, the Wrath of God with a ingenious Klaus Kinski

2. Fitzcarraldo with the same crazy ingenious Klaus Kinski



20 years of my art, hundreds of drawings, paintings, poems, animations and websites- all that goes easily on that little 1 GB -stick and leaves 80 % of space left... ?

Probably soon we can install the nessecary socket in our heads.

Quite a while I was busy in mind with rats. Because last summer we had some in our garden, I saw them playing in dawn, very cute jumping and boxing, but weired, because I wanted in fact kill them. Once in winter, I walked in the dark garage (electricity shortage) to my car, and a rat was fleeing and bumped against my shoe. So I doubted a bit that our quite small cat Sira could kill a rat and was searching for phrases in Google like: "cat fights rat", "enemy of rats" and so on. I did not find good answers on that question but a great website and a great book, so if you ever cross the rat problem, here are two tipps:

Rats : Observations on the History and Habitat of the City's Most Unwanted Inhabitants by Robert Sullivan Link to Amazon

Some more difficulties from world power politics ? Michael Petrou wrote a stunning article on the triangle of power Russia, America and Europe (China left out this time) and the role of little Georgia in the middle: Back to U.S.S.R


19 May 2006
  Fine again and back from Western Georgia
mai-veteranen-paul-haupt 130_opt

I travelled with a 84 years former German POW to his places of imprisonment in Western Georgia 60 years ago. It was a time travel for him and me, because all of his memories and stories.

See images from this trip here

mai-veteranen-paul-haupt 139_opt

And a sheep video with a black BMW here (imagine the sheep as the contemporary artists and the herdsmen as the dealers)


11 May 2006
Archangels/Warriors from David Gareji, Georgia 12-13th century, bigger size

My eye hurt already when I came back from David Gareji and in the evening it became a terrible pain. Thanks to the great Georgian physicians Ramazi and Levani from Ortachala Hospital my eye got cured so far but I need to continue therapy for a couple of days.


Edward Winkleman wrote about the difficulty to define good political art. It seems, that both do not mix very well. First artists I was thinking of had been K├Ąthe Kollwitz and John Heartfield. What about Joseph Beuys ? Wasn't he in a lot of his works attacking politics ?
Hans Haake ! Gerhard Richter with his zyklus of October 18, 1977 ?
Even Jonathan Meese with his cooking of German myth of Ego, Erz, Stahl, Blut and Ehre ?
There was a nice article on Meese, more on the artist and his environment than his art, called "Johnny und seine Mama" by Jacob Augstein in German at

Very good Political Art made also Otari Chkhartishvili (1938-2006), but that was, when it was dangerous to make it. Bigger Size


07 May 2006
  Cabrio & Pools
Murtazi Shvelidze, bigger size here

Murtazi Shvelidze, bigger size


05 May 2006

This is not a dance blog, but I really like to see folks enjoying life. From a wedding in Rustavi. Length 14 sec.


  blue dance


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