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22 September 2005
  Abroad for 2 weeks with cattle drive in Tusheti
I will be in the Mountains of Tusheti from tomorrow till 8th of October, with no Internet, Cellphone, Blog, Energy, etc. but with 2600 sheep, 17 horses, dogs, cows and my Tushetian friends. I will miss my computer, but there are brown trouts waiting too. All the best to you- Art Bloggers and with my best regards, Hans Heiner Buhr


21 September 2005
  Defender/ Art Caucasus 2005

Defender, 2005

The Art Caucasus 2005 will take place in Tbilisi, Georgia from October 5th till October 9th, 2005 with the participation of Artists from Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, United States, England, Greece, Northern Ireland, Russia, France and Germany. The Opening will be on the 5th of October at 5 pm at
Georgian Trade Center 3, Vekua st.,Tbilisi 0105 Georgia. Come and see the newest work of Hans Heiner Buhr on the Art Caucasus 2005 in Tbilisi.


  The Art of Battle
by Piero della Francesca

Battle between Heraclius and Chosroes
1466,Freso,329 x 747 cm,San Francesco, Arezzo



See the full painting here


16 September 2005
  Quail Hunting- Art ?
I hear some of my few readers screaming and protesting... Man, how can you kill those beautiful animals ? Stop that ! Yes, you are right. Killing animals should be no sport. But I am a sports fisher too, and a Brown Trout [version1 version 2] is also one of the most beautiful animals in the world, see this painting by Courbet for example. Hunting made humans survive, remember how our ancestors killed mammoths cutting their Achilles heels ? How was your last burger by the way ?
There are lots of pro's and contra's of course on hunting and I am a German in the Caucasus, who active supports wildlife and nature. If you think, still, weird man, thats a sin, than it is. But did you ever tasted a grilled quail ? Thats delicious. Thats the finest meal I can imagine. There is caviar too and trout, but a Georgian quail, thats divine. But is hunting art ?

Sport or crime ?

This quail was just minor hurt, it flew away after some minutes. Excuse me for my black, black fingernails.

Only on the first "Shampuri" are quails, on the other simple shashlyk from pig, also very tasty.


12 September 2005
  Old Warhorse

Lyrics by Vladimir Mayakovsky


10 September 2005

11th-12th century, fragmented Fresco, David Gareji, Georgia


09 September 2005
  Fate 2xy7zcc



06 September 2005
  A new horse

I am exited. He is very strong and beautiful, 4-5 years, but still without a name. Any suggestions ?





  Defending a Valley

Defending a Valley, 80x120cm, Oil, 2004


  Dutch photographer Maurice Wolf

My friend Maurice Wolf photographing Khevsurian Riders before the start of a Horse Race near Barisakho, Georgia 2000, see here the great photos of Maurice Wolf


05 September 2005
  Cool Young German Artists my Guests in Tbilisi
we had a little party yesterday night with Eno Henze, Dennis, Journalist Simon Ostrovsky from AFP Office Baku and his Girlfriend Dshiga from Elista, Kalmykia. Those guys are pretty successful in Germany, studied at the progressive Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe. They came here to Georgia by an old Mercedes Benz and sold it suddenly at the Bazar yesterday. They are exited about the Caucasus Area, I got some news from the German Artscene...


Eno and Dshiga

Simon and Graf Oto von Rubin (Otari Laliashvili)


03 September 2005
  Artists and Disasters f.e. Carel Fabritius

Carel Fabritius (1622-1654) was one of the most talented pupils of Rembrandt: He died short after his marriage after the Delft Explosion in 1654, what was a disaster for art, the artist and for Delft.

Egbert van der Poel, The Delft Explosion. Another image here

How many artists died in WWW1 and WWW2 ? How many got killed by Stalin ? By Hitler ? By all those other dictators ? Not by their own hand, or by accident !

Long live art, and long live the artists. As Picasso said, that Artist does not aging, while painting.
But the task of an artist is to make art, not howling..., maybe ? Dont artists have a heart ? Maybe I am an example. I am cold, it does not touch me. Maybe that is very wrong. But what do you think ?

Who of us cared on those other disasters last year ? Sudan ? Chechnya ? Afghanistan ? The ..... Does the Party Society get a break ? In the end ?


  Herbst- Autumn

Hans Heiner Buhr 2003, 140x115 cm, Oil



02 September 2005
  Is a Machine a sort of Art ? Sure KAMAZ !
Thats allways I drive a car on my mind. Yes engineers are true artists, often better than most of the latter. So even this slogan of the KAMAZ plant is artistic, but came from necessity and demands: No Roads? No Problem! KAMAZ
The coolest truck, and my secret wish is to get one. Here in Georgia, they go with the heaviest loads on roads, over passes of 3000 m, where is it difficult for a Toyota Landcruiser to come. That is KAMAZ. A used one I could buy here for USD 4000-5000, but look at KAMAZ Website for the newest models:
Paris- Dakar- here too, KAMAZ a regular winner of the 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002 and 2000 Truck Races Link


KAMAZ - 43114 (6x6)

Like that truck ?


01 September 2005


  My famous birds 1
Merops apiaster



Thanks to author Marek Szczepanek, photo via Wikipedia

Via Steven Straight a found the great blog of



Suddenly a August like concrete and beton is over and we Bloggers start with new power and ideas into the strength of Autumn and Winter. Sometimes even comments are cool ;-)


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