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28 February 2006
  This is Tbilisi

Old Tbilisi

Old Tbilisi with Metekhi Church

Monastery Shiomgwijme

More images from Georgia at this flickr-set


26 February 2006

Abandoned apartment in Tbilisi, where soon will be my new office, it looks like the young and nasty brother of the famous interior of Adolph Menzels "Balkonzimmer" from 1845, in the Alte Nationalgalerie Berlin, SMPK.


25 February 2006 Kottke and promises Kottke and promises

A very good comment on blogging potentials and failures, on private life of bloggers and their commitments and on "cynical bastards who populate the art world" too ;-)


23 February 2006
  The stress of a blogger

And this is only a big failure to describe the blogger stress and what I forgot here was, the big bad spin of the stupid mainstream online media wich bombs daily in my life. Thanks for surviving to the few powerful anti-media blogs out there.


22 February 2006

30x40, 2006


21 February 2006
  Misha Shengelia



  London by Mamuka Tskhetsladze







  crashed ?

Collage, 2006


20 February 2006
  Artists from South Ossetia and artists from North Ossetia
If this reads any artist from South or North Ossetia, I'd like to exchange art, ideas, projects, please mail to:


  Beshan Shvelidze Landscapes




View in Beshans Studio


19 February 2006
  Collages by Malkhaz Datukishvili





18 February 2006
  Love in the mountains



  Black chechen night



16 February 2006
  Paintings of Georgian landscapes

View from Gori

Kuro Range

In the Lesser Caucasus

Near Shiomgvime

Landscape with horses

Sno Valley

Stormy weather


What I find fascinating on looking on my own older paintings is, that I can remember and "feel" almost every of those in the past of 8-10 years made brushstrokes, they are like freezing the time, and you remember that sometimes helpless and hopeless brushstrokes as you did it just seconds before.


13 February 2006
  nice english words

eng.: platoon dt.: die Kolonne, der Wagenpulk, der Zug


11 February 2006
  Gladstone Gallery shows Andro Wekua
Gladstone Gallery shows collages, drawings, paintings and an installation by Georgian artist Andro Wekua from Sokhumi. Andro, Tbilisi wishs you much audience and success in New York !


  Soutine "Le Boeuf Ecorche"
On February 6th Christie's aution sold "Le Boeuf Ecorche" for 7.8 million pounds to an unknown bidder. It was stated, that this was the last of Soutines' series of full size Carcasse-paintings in private hands, painted around 1924 in the size of 128,9 x74,6 cm. My congratulations to the new owner, thats an amazing and outstanding painting !

and a informative text on the paintings and Soutines background here at Christie's

But where are the other five full size "Carcasses" ?

1) Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands
166,1 x 114,9 cm, 1925

2) Musee de Peinture and de Sculpture, Grenoble, France
201,9 x 114 cm, 1925

3) Kunstmuseum Bern, Switzerland
72,5 x 49,8 cm, 1925

4) Albright-Knox Art Gallery Buffalo, New York, USA
140,3 x 107,6 cm, 1925

5) Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minnesota, USA
116,2 x 80,6 cm, 1924

The painting in the Stedelijk in Amsterdam I saw quite often on my regular visits of their collection from 1990-1993 and I was always impressed about the restrained and quiet expression of this work. The surface was more plain and the paint much thinner, than what I expected from the earlier seen reproductions in books.

In general it is annoying, that still quite a lot of bigger museums and collections have very bad websites and show only very few items online. The Stedelijk shows no items online, Grenoble works in Flash and shows almost nothing, and Bern makes a long lasting relaunch of the collection website. The best impression makes the Minneapolis Institute of Fine Arts, where you can send Soutines
" Carcass of Beef " even as an E-card (scroll down).


07 February 2006
  Niza gaming Playstation

und Hans war krank


01 February 2006
  Joy Garnett: Strange Weather Series
While blogging, sometimes when a tiny caucasian earthquake softly shakes my table, I get reminded that the big disasters and catastrophes continue to lure for us, just like Russian Roulette gaming on the next big final hit. I dont start now with the daily threats by bird flu, car accidents and bad lucks. Surviving a couple of revolutions, all the diseases, the drinking, the fights, the bad moments and the monsters- we're lucky that we are still alive. Last November one of my close friends got murdered in his car just a mile from my blogging table, we are shocked, that this could happen to him and here, with a headshot and a srewdriver in his thigh, as we heard.

When Anaba posted today a painting by Joy Garnett, I discovered her Strange Weather Series, a couple of amazing paintings. We all see a lot of the daily disaster images on the internet, wich some of them are samples, templates and inspirations for the paintings of Joy Garnett. But, these painted tornados, floods and general disasters have a much stronger impact, they give you a feeling of a anyway lost fight. Like, we can not win that race, we are not ruling the system. Not against nature. Joys paint and brushes create images of a inescapable havoc, Angst and Ubermacht (superiority). See her paintings on the Riots in Paris, where weather and fire joins the abrasions of society.

Joy Garnett: Flood (2) (Strange Weather series) 2005 , 26 x 46 inches, Oil on canvas

Joy Garnett: Plume (Strange Weather series) 2005 , 26 x 46 inches, Oil on canvas

Joy Garnett: Plume 2 (Strange Weather series) 2005 , 26 x 46 inches, Oil on canvas

More paintings by Joy Garnett at


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