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31 January 2006
  Georgian Flags
I had to make a photo of a Georgian Flag, but the wind was not blowing as I wished, only very occasionally, and I was freezing standing on a ladder and shouting to that flag to move in the right direction, thus with the sun for some contrasts. Viewing the images on my computer, I realized the many "personalities" of this Georgian flag, seems to be not an easy one... ;-) Bigger sizes and more flags at Flickr


  Browse Picasso
by year of production, see here example 1923 at the perfect art website On-line Picasso Project by Prof. Dr. Enrique Mallen and his collaborators of the Texas A&M University or browse Picassos biography detailed by zooming deep into specific days of his life, f.e. february 4,1923
Quite often its the small, widely unknown, rarely published sketch, what refreshes my interest in an artist like Picasso. This project shows them (almost?) all.


29 January 2006
  A great tool
for discovering artsites in the web is StumbleUpon , I played hours with hitting the Stumble! Button and seeing artworks and meeting artists I never heard of. A true experince of the art in the internet. There is a nice firefox extension to integrate StumbleUpon in your browser.
Sure you know long time ago of and its inspiring artists from the westcoast, but the guy, who really impressed me was David Choe. I also liked very much the perfect images in size and quality of the Collection the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. So you may see a Vermeer right on your laptop in a quality, you hardly could see in front of the original right in the exhibition...example here


25 January 2006
  NY Painter Nicholas Dodge Wolfson
Searching for images of Leonardo da Vinci's Ermine in Krakow I found a contemporary painting of the head of this beautiful lady by artist Nicholas Dodge Wolfson from New York. Hey, I was thinking, he did a painting I wanted to make, a remake of one of my most favourite paintings ever made. So I searched Nicks website and found more incredible paintings and asked him if I could post some of his works here to share them with you. Especially I like the portraits, but Nick is powerful on paintings with a political background too.

Da Vinci - Ermine Lady

French Farmer

Vermont woodcutter

Abraham Lincoln

The old politician

Dead Girl in street

Homage To French Photographer

Vermeer Woman sleeping

More paintings on


24 January 2006
  A story from the Battle of Kursk
Aslan told me this story of one day at the Battle of Kursk.

One day in the summer 1943 his platoon found an shortly abandoned position of a German unit in a dry river bed with high shores on each sides, where had been digged caves for hiding inside. The pretty hungry Soviet soldiers found cans of superb German army food in this caves, like bread in blue color wrapped in plastic, butter in cans, Congnac and other. The remains of the German campfires had been still hot. The soldiers made their rest, stove the fires and had some good time. Aslan had been a little away, above the shore, when two visibly unarmed bold German soldiers walked straight to the sitting Soviets. The first was an Officer, hiding his right hand in his pocket. When coming close to the astonished Soviet soldiers, this Officer threw over a hand grenade in the middle of the circle of sitting soldiers, wich blew up and wounded them severe. The Germans ran away, while Aslan took his gun up and aimed at them, it could had been an easy shot, as he was pretty close and a very good shooter from his childhood. But he didn't pull the trigger and the two Germans made their way up the shore into a field of rye and escaped. He said, he is very happy until today, that he didn't shoot, and that none of his officers noticed his chance to shoot. The whole war was not worth a single mans death was his summary.


23 January 2006
  Seven paintings by Andreas Thieme, Dresden


Girl with doll, 1999

Child in red room, 1997-1999

Man in yellow pullover, 1994-1996

Shell, 1995

Juggler at the sea, 2000

Fish dealer, 1997

Pierot in companionship, 1999/2000

Andreas Thieme, born 1956 in Zwickau, lives in Dresden, website


22 January 2006
  The Hunter

Januar 2006


21 January 2006

January 2006, a bigger size here


19 January 2006
  Gert Folmering Fine Art Painting

Was ist das ?, 50x60cm

Meeting, 30x40cm

Rounds, 60x80cm

Panzersperre, 50x60cm

Swamp, 30x40cm

Crosses, 38x46cm

Head, 50x39cm

Failed Hope

Heaven on Holland, 30x40cm

Bobby traps, 30x40cm

Ajax, 60x50cm

Acrobat, drawing, 28x21cm

Star, 50x50cm

Gert Jan Gerardus Folmering
born 1964 in Nijmwegen, Netherlands
lives in Berlin, Germany


13 January 2006
  Drawing of Zura Gogava

Drawing of one of my former pupils at 118th school Tbilisi, then 11 years old, I'll post some more from time to time


  Father- digital


A good reason either to start painting or to stop it are for me the masterly works of the painter Balthus. Some images on a Yahoo search see here. Those works are for me a nonplusultra of Painting from every point of view. Abroad in the countryside over the quiet days between Christmas and New Year I often sank in another worlds by viewing and imaginating his virtual and delicious canvases in the beautiful book by Gilles Neret from Taschen. These two little photos are my kindly hommage to the greatest painter of the 20th century: Balthazar Klossowski de Rola

Imaginating Shoes for one of Balthus models

The blue tub


  Caucasian shepherd litho by Aslan Tsitaishvili

Tonight 13th/14th January starts the so called OLD NEW YEAR in Georgia (and other countries) after the old Julian calendar and I greet you with this Lithography by Aslan Tsitaishvili from Tbilisi, a great lithography master, wonderful teacher and thrilling story-teller, despite his age of 83 years he can be found working every day in his studio. Aslans and all artists Gaumardshoss ! As a young man Aslan fought against the German Army/Deutsche Wehrmacht and took part in the cruel Battle of Kursk July 4, 1943 – August 23, 1943, where he stayed alive but was seriously wounded. The casualties in this six- weeks-battle on the side of the Soviets according to Wikipedia : 607,737 dead, wounded, and captured on the German side: 200,000 dead, wounded, and captured.
Aslan and the Artists Union of Georgia kindly invite artists from Georgia and abroad to work and to produce in the old techniques of drawing and printing on lime stone.

Aslan Tsitaishvili, 2005 in Tbilisi


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