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31 March 2007

dogfight-cut-out1, originally uploaded by grijsz.


30 March 2007

horse-thief-draw3, originally uploaded by grijsz.

horse-t-screen1, originally uploaded by grijsz.

real-horse-thief-porz1, originally uploaded by grijsz.

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loewe, originally uploaded by grijsz.


27 March 2007
  4 rampant horses by Azzaki

Azzaki went specially to Venice to make this brilliant photo. Thank you ! This could be an initial for a nice painting.

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22 March 2007
  I go to the mountains, couple of days


21 March 2007
  New works by Gary Clark

Czerwony Capturek, 300cm x 100cm, 2005

more works here

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20 March 2007

universal-shop-letters-thief, originally uploaded by grijsz.



venezia, originally uploaded by grijsz.


18 March 2007
  I am waiting for my WebMaster trading card to really skyrocket in price....but the horse-thief thought different

Recaptured spam message I got in Flickr



turm-der-pferde, originally uploaded by grijsz.


turm-der-pferde, originally uploaded by grijsz.



couple, originally uploaded by grijsz.



analyst-trader, originally uploaded by grijsz.


16 March 2007
  This Georgian tag says

i love, originally uploaded by grijsz.

I love


15 March 2007
  Holger John's design Fayence

holger-john-drawings on porzellan/keramik, originally uploaded by grijsz.

Holger John - Dekor
Fayence, Unterglasur - transparent,
blau & kobald, Unikate
in Kooperation mit
Hedwig Bollhagen - Form, Steingut

Signatur: HB + John

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freiheit, originally uploaded by grijsz.


14 March 2007
  Holger's big party in Dresden

I found back my old buddy Holger John from Dresden. Seems he has bright fun with giving drawing lessons at night brothels [Kunst nach der Arbeit] and kicks some heavy portion of uncertainty in that half-cooked bourgeois town. He is a good draftsman in the time between the parties... ;-)

Actually his events are hard work: botschaft ausdruck schöpfung

[message expression creation]

Have fun with Holger at his Cathedral at

Where the heck is Meir ??

Holger with uncle Vincent

some of Holgers Drawings

Holger John, Zeichnungen, Feder in Tusche

"Deutsche Frau" Privatsammlung Berlin [German Lady]

"OKTOPUS" im Besitz des Künstlers [The Octopus]

"Frau auf Spiegel" Privatsammlung Rotterdam, [Woman on Mirror]

See more works of Holger John and have a glimpse into his studio here

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09 March 2007
  Thief Shirak and Pack horses Salt

streets 007-packhorses1dark, originally uploaded by grijsz.

thief-schiraki2, originally uploaded by grijsz.

  streets 007-packhorses1dark

streets 007-packhorses1dark, originally uploaded by grijsz.

thief-schiraki2, originally uploaded by grijsz.

These images belong to the Horse Thief Sayat-Nova St- Group more here

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  How many new art images we see each month ?
A question is browsing my mind for a while. A hard core surfer. How many new art images does he/she see per month ? I am not talking about all the other news images from the magazines and stuff we read, no, only images with the applied label "it's Art".

2000, 5000, 10.000 ? Of course it is not only a question of quantity, but also quality. At how many images we immediately tag the labels "boring" "not good" "shit" and so on ?

Seeing Saatchi's showdown, this comes to mind, as one is invited to rate all these art images.

By the way, the idea is great but the technique not so good, what does this means right now ?? Did I vote to often ?

Maybe it was decided that participating artists them self can not vote on other artists works ? If yes, why was this not from the beginning ?

Of course, we see all these art works only in a digital translation, if they aren't made entirely digital.

Most artist do not know very good, how to give their paintings the best digital look (me included). But it's ok, to see the digital output to understand the main concept of an art work, or not ?

Let's say yes, despite the many installations and other works, where a digital image is not enough, it's sufficient to value and understand it. Does it matter, that we spend much fewer time for each image, as we have so many to browse ? Or, was it worth to spent not more than two second for those average works ?

If I compare it to 1986, when I was a student in Dresden, how many new paintings and drawings I saw then, in originals and Art books each month ? Maybe sometimes 2o, sometimes 50 ?

Since I installed the great bookmark tool Notebook from Google, I can now recapture the most impressing or most boring images I saw, since I save them there, sometimes with a small comment.

What I realized for myself:

I spend more time watching, when it is a classical drawing, with pencil or coal f.e. on paper. This medium does not seem to loose too much of it's pull in its digital image. Or a collage from different mediums also tracks my attention.

Interesting installations let me have a feeling of frustration, as I want to be inside the room and wander around. This feeling I have with Cai Gui-Qiang Tigers (, what I find amazing (Thanks to Martin for the re-digging.) And what a title: Inopportune, this is as amazing as the rest of the work.

Do I get tiered or bored by looking at so many works online ? No, not at all.

Do I want to own some of the seen images? Seldom, yes.

What makes an image strong and art ? (He, He, the old question ;-)) An indicator is maybe, if you go back on a search, to try to see that certain image again, you saw a couple of days ago...

What have been Your favourite art discoveries last month ?

Here are some of my first class art discoveries
(this is very individual, as you may know certain images or artists for years, who I dicovered just now...)

Cai Guo-Qiang

The works by Robert de Niro Sr.

The nudes by John Currin

This mask by art student Frederico Gallo

This photo of Geronimo ( I know it since my childhood, but it really started to impress me just 2 month ago)

Torben Giehlers paintings

Get lost in the beauty of the Hummingbird photographies by
Flavio Cruvinel Brandao

This collage by Matthew Brannon

This work by Barbara Rudolph

These works by Jules Olitski, thanks to Franklin

Mark Wilson, A.Michael Noll and Herbert W. Franke at the Digital Art Museum

Andrew Shoultz fantastic works at FecalFace

The wonderful set Rie of Martin Bromirski

This work by Dan Colen

This work by Philip Taaffe

Nicolai Chistiakov at Saatchi Showdown


these photos by Tree from Helsinki

Good works are good works, it makes no sense to rate them with a 8, 9, or 10

But how many great art images I did not see last month ?

Best regards, Hans

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08 March 2007
  ruina jagd

ruin-jagd, originally uploaded by grijsz.



havoc3, originally uploaded by grijsz.


  Nice English Words 2: Havoc

nice-english-words-havoc, originally uploaded by grijsz.

Nice English Words 1 here

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ruin-jagd, originally uploaded by grijsz.

05 March 2007
  The bath

The artist Andreas Thieme with his family in Lagodekhi, Georgia

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04 March 2007

6blades, originally uploaded by grijsz.


6blades, originally uploaded by grijsz.

it's pretty heavy 'round the belly

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tbs-rijsha-falla, originally uploaded by grijsz.

for Aslan, the master of Lithography, who died in old age these days, I posted about him here, here and here

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tbs-rijsha-falla, originally uploaded by grijsz.

03 March 2007
  Waiting woman

fenster4, originally uploaded by grijsz.

  The Window

fenster4, originally uploaded by grijsz.

A photo series about a window in Old Tbilisi, 8 images, the last image points back here


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  underwear by Murtaz

underwear, originally uploaded by grijsz.

Murtaz Shvelidze, appr. 60x50cm, Oil, 2007


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