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29 May 2007
  Drawings by Vero Deubelbeiss from the Caucasus

Here is a link to Vero's website:

with some wonderful photos too

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28 May 2007
  Dead Horse

Jörg Immendorff ist heute gestorben. Möge er im Malerhimmel thronen und seinen Leidenschaften freien Lauf lassen. Schwätzchen mit Kippenberger, kühles Bierchen ?

Eines der letzten Interviews mit Immendorff hier:

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23 May 2007
  Looking for "German Artists" and finding: Pia Dehne
2 or 3 of my Georgian Students want to be busy with German Art the next 6 month to prepare their exams with a presentation. But who ? A classic German Artist like one of the Cranachs, a living legend like Polke or one of the newcomers like one of the many New German Rock the Universe Shooting Stars ?? But, is German Art the one, who is represented in the skyrocking grooving artmarket, or is it in the tiny little Ebay-Drawing of an forgotten emerging talent ?
Was Hans Baldung Grien a shooting star in his time ? Or proofed he good, because some of his drawings managed to survive by quality ?

I turned on Wikipedia, just to get an idea of who counts as an Artist from Germany and found Pia Dehne, an amazing artist I know just peripheral via Arnim Tölke from Berlin.

She seemed very radical to me and classical in the same time, like straightforward, cool, smart, proletarian, intellectual, sexy, painterly. I remember seeing 10 or 12 of her small abstract paintings and realizing the growing wish to obtain one of those (then 1995 pretty cheap like 300-400 USD) I lost connection to Arnim and Pia, (they quit with each other anyway short before) for finding her back now on figuring out, who could be the typical German artist today for my Georgian Students ?

It is probably not the shooting star, not the safe relict, but somebody in the struggle for the search of value, image, expression, und Zeitgeist. Somebody who left the boring Berlin for Shanghai or Ulan Bator or, ok, New York. Somebody making shit for a while to become great long later, somebody with ideals, power, longevity, hazard, madness, chance, somebody like Pia maybe, and somebody with a clear mind, with integrity .

She is a typical Artist these days, I think. Therefore I found an interview with Pia Dehne, read it here:

And some wonderful Gouaches here:

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20 May 2007
  Great installions by Brock Neilson

000000 Installation: 5, originally uploaded by Brock Neilson.

Brock is really a multi-talent, what he touches works great.

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  Some new fine works by Lado Pochkhua

See more of his recent works here

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17 May 2007
  Your Artwork on your belly

Update: Here you see a glimpse of Angela's Mandala belly, nice !

Painter Kathrin Longhurst will Bodypaint the seven months pregnant belly of Creative Mums founder ( Angela van Boxtel with one of her designed mandalas. Photographer Angela Cushway (Angel Photography) will photograph the final Artwork.
Kathrin Longhurst (mum of 3 year old) & Angela Cushway (mum of 3 year old & almost 9 months pregnant) are both 'Creative Mums'.
The word Mandala is Sanskrit for circle. Representing unity and wholeness, it is a cosmic diagram reminding us of our relation to the Infinite, that which is within us and that which extends beyond our bodies and our minds.
The performance will promote the upcoming Creative Mums Exhibition - Manly Art Gallery & Museum as part of the Manly Arts Festival 2007 (submissions close by 31 May).
Creative Mums is a network of Mums who have made a homebased business out of their artistic profession while being able to raise and be around their children at the same time. Creative Mums includes Fashion designers, Photographers, Painters, Writers, Interior Designers, Web & Graphic Designers and much more.
Visitors can enjoy the body paint 'performance' and take in the Current Exhibition of the Artists in residence (Kathrin Longhurst, Nadia Turner & David Jenkins).
For more information about the Mandala Pregnant Belly Painting & the involved Creative Mums visit the Creative Mums website
FREE entry!
The Art Sanctuary
3 Williams Street
Read all about Creative Mums on

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06 May 2007

saguramo1-800, originally uploaded by grijsz.

View from half way Zeda- Zeni down to the valley of Saguramo, Giorgoba 6. May 2007


05 May 2007
  Horse thief sketches

ht-sketch1-2nd, originally uploaded by grijsz.

50x60 cm

ht-sketch2, originally uploaded by grijsz.

30x40 cm

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04 May 2007

ht-drawing-04-05-1-900, originally uploaded by grijsz.



ht-drawing-04-05-2-900, originally uploaded by grijsz.


02 May 2007

taming-horse, originally uploaded by grijsz.

Gogita, my friend is deaf, but has the best language to talk calm to a young horse


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