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31 March 2006
  Butterfly I and II

Inspired by Ahab, who mentioned the Gebrüder (Brothers) Grimm

2nd version


29 March 2006
  Ruina dance


  Doorway dance




27 March 2006
  Funeral in Rustavi Georgia
Otari's funeral was very sad. In sharp contrast it was a warm and nice day in spring. A lot of Artists from Tbilisi and Western and Eastern Georgia came to give Otari honour.




View from the grave, in the background the town Rustavi

წმინდა გიორგი


26 March 2006
  Doleks photostream from Ashgabat

I almost went to Turkmenistan last year for a job, I really want to visit Ashgabat. See the photostream of Dolek here


23 March 2006
Once Otari Chkhartishvili and me had a conversation on daily annoyings in artists studios like rats. He told me smiling: "Yes, you know, they are quite sensitive animals, just like humans. Once I held my regulary catnap at the sofa, and when I opened one eye, I saw a rat sitting on my breast watching me, I took all my spittle and spit on her directly, she got a shock and felt dead on the floor.


  The legacy of artists
I had this wonderful hour reading via Artblog the text on Rembrandt The God of Realism by Robert Hughes. It fits perfectly in my recent thoughts on the borders of the artists life, on the shorter or longer time we have as artists and on the remains of an artists life. On every artists death you could think just practically: What happens with all the art works, the bigger and smaller canvases, the sculptures, the sketches, the brushes and the paint ? Will the studio be sold, or will a young family move in, or a young artist fresh and full of hopes from the academy ? Where spreads the artists collections of daggers and swords and all his books and letters ? In wich fire will burn his sketches or the minor unsuccessful work? Will indeed raise prices for his works (probably in 99% of cases not). Or, had been 12 works enough to describe the efforts of this artists life, or are all 420 paintings important ? Was this life worth to be sacrificed as an artists life with all its hardships, or wasted, or worth anyway ? When the artists theories, ideas, hopes and wishes are gone away and easily forgotten or misinterpreted to a part, what is then left, just some of his works ?
I remember, how I found a couple of times complete (and good) sketchbooks in Amsterdams litters, thrown away brushes and paint on the streets, paintings for 4 Gulders on the Flee Markets. In the towns today crowded with Artists like London, Amsterdam or New York is dying an artist almost every day I guess. So, will the remainings of an average artists life be especially the more well adapted works, wich are hanging at uncles, ex-girlfriends and dentists offices, because they have been so nice ? Belongs the painting, what was of a close artist's friend, but then painted over (because he couldn't look at it anymore) now to this or that Oeuvre ?

Yes, the question of the Polish Rider also does touch me very close too. I can not imagine any other artist than Rembrandt to be the author. There is just no other artist in that time with the capabilities to make such a work. Who could show that irony of the horses jaw ? The loose and skilled seat of the rider. Who could have painted this incredible hoofs ? Where the elbow of the rider meets the blank canvas and fur is painted better than real ? Such a face of calm self assurance in a quite dramatic scene? The rembrandtic turn of the riders head towards us ? This frightening light ?


20 March 2006
  Otar Chkhartishvili died


My friend and a good georgian artist Otar Chkhartishvili, born 5th of July 1938 in Kobuleti, Georgia died today. Known formerly as a master of "Anti-Soviet Pop Art" he painted in the last 3 or 4 years almost exclusivly still-lifes of pomegranates and landscapes of the surrounding hills of his home town Rustavi. He was a power of influence both to artists in Rustavi and Tbilisi and with his clear mind a strong judge of any work of art. Otari was a honest man with a strong backbone, withstanding any encounters by KGB in the 70s and 80s. Over a couple of years he was prohibited of any public show and saved himself and his family by making illustrations for children books. In the morning he went to church as he often did, then returned to his studio, where he had been found dead in the afternoon. We are very sad to hear that Otari is gone much to early to another world. The funeral will be held at Saturday 25th of March in Rustavi.

Last supper

Don't be afraid, say the truth

No titel

No titel




See some more of Otari Chkhartishvilis works here:

In 1998 we sometimes went together outside of Rustavi to paint landscapes in open air. Otari in front.


19 March 2006



18 March 2006
  Ivan Pope prints

Fence building

I love you love me love me



Ivan Popes Blog:
More prints:

By the way:
Goethe Institute Tbilisi offers a free studio with a small apartment for 2 to 8 weeks. They may even support costs for the plane ticket up to EUR 500. I am not completely sure if this is only for German or in general for European artists. Contact me for further details. Hans


  26 short animations

26 .gif-Animations I made for this blog since May 2005 I collected on one single page here: Have fun


17 March 2006
  Mrs Hans by Brock

Brock, a young artist from Idaho made this nice drawing of Teona and our baby Saskia. Brock, it's very charming. See his artblogs and

Brock:"In the original photograph there is this big white glare above Teona's head that I thought would be cool to use as a halo. I ended up giving both of them splashy halos of light and applied a fresco filter to give the picture the feeling of something you might find in an old church."


  10 seconds




2006, bigger size


16 March 2006
  Noratus, Armenia by Julia

Julia Lvovna Vishnevetskaia made a awesome serie of photos from Noratus at lake Sevan in Armenia:

She has other great photos made in Russia, Georgia and Armenia here:


13 March 2006
  Kitaj and cats

Sira and husband, Tbilisi

Ron B. Kitaj is one of my favoured artists. Especially I like his often mysterious drawings, like "Communist and Socialist" from 1975. There is a large pdf with his works and with works of friends and examples. A couple of years ago in New York I bought a book with Kitai's drawings and with Interviews by Julian Rios, and there is a funny drawing from 1977 called "My cat and her husband" on page 18. This morning I went out my door and saw, that my cat Sira also has a husband ? This little moment made me think all day on Kitaj's wonderful works again.


12 March 2006
  El artista desnudo by Hernando

I found Hernandos Blog El artista desnudo , strong and aggrieving photos to me.


  Edna on todays influential Artists
Edna had a nice interview and named her favoured artists:

EM: Who do you think are the most influential artist's today?

EVH: . Gerhard Richter is practically taken intravenously. Duchamp, Eva Hesse, and Andy Warhol are always in the air. Also Luc Tuymans, Neo Rauch, Jessica Stockholder, and Robert Rauschenberg. Dana Schutz is very important to younger painters. Why isn't she in the Whitney Biennial? If they'd added Schutz, they could have had 30 female artists out of 101!

What do I think of those ?

Gerhard Richter was a star for me, but most with the diaries, he wrote. Some of his paintings I find very fast aging, some do not touch me anymore, what f.e. not happens with all the Max Beckmann's. But very important are as I think

a) the Mirrors
b) the grey paintings
c) the color chart paintings

all his abstract work and the still lifes are great. Yes, he is a very important artist of the 20th century, indeed. Sort of Beethoven. See his work here

Duchamp. Yes.

Eva Hesse. I don't know. Sort of Eva Plath for Artists. Maybe I prefer Georgia O'Keeffe and Lee Miller

Andy Warhol. Made some good statements and Brillo, but for the rest it's to me big, loud and flat.

Luc Tuymans. Bad paintings, no risk. Boring.

Neo Rauch. Good for collectors and for Judy. You know, what you get. Some Paintings reveal their silliness after a while.

Jessica Stockholder: Seems interesting, maybe I saw that on Art Berlin last year ?

Robert Rauschenberg: Me, as a younger of german expressionists, does not touch his art at all. I find it pretty sloppy.

Dana Schutz ? I dont think her paintings are much different as Tuyman's, just another direction.

Edna, maybe its time for some new discoveries ?

But, what I liked lately, and much thanks to the artbloggers is:

Rachel Feinstein


11 March 2006
hey, Karen and Carol Es doing the philosophy about "how to move in a new studio", but here I show you, how a real studio should look like: click here





  This Artblog in Search results
I am always wondering, how people find this blog. Here are some examples:

1)A search for "nice english words" shows 1st place on Google out of 34.900.000 results, wow, thats cool ;-)

2)A search for "feuersturm" on Google Images for (fire storm) 4th of 568

3)Yahoo Search on "new images" 12th place

4)Google Image Search on "Halbe" (A town south of Berlin, where was fought one of the last battles of WWII) 2nd place

5) "dead horse" 18th place, quite some interesting photos on this search

Photo: Stephan Hostettler

6) If you search for a very special "photo gallery fanta village 2005" then you'll find this site too.


10 March 2006


  Dance the Ajaruli


  Interview on Thinking about Art
There is good interview with Tim Folzenlogen on Thinking about Art. Here is a link to Tim Folzenlogen's Website


05 March 2006

Trying to make a sketch of Brock from


  "To what level of computing would you say 'no' to sex?"
Steven Streight at Vaspers the Grate points to that funny but reality-close question at The Toque: "have you ever said 'no' to sex while at your computer?" read the article here

Could the words computing not easily be substitutet by a) blogging b) painting ?
Do you hurry up to your easel or notebook after a tête-à-tête ?
What is worse- no sex or no dsl?

This is just a Sunday morning post ;-)


03 March 2006
  The unlucky she-wolf

Photo: Gusen Halilullaev from Dagestan,


  The angry maverick

Seen in Telavi, Kakheti, Georgia bigger size here

I do immediatly remember David Lynchs Chicken Kits ;-), inspiring


02 March 2006
  Saskia Annelore Buhr
Yesterday, 1st of March 2006, on a bright sunny day was born our third child Saskia Annelore in Tbilisi. Weight 3000 gr, height 50cm. She is a pretty little girl. We named her after Saskia van Uylenburg, Rembrandts wife and we wish her a life full of adventures and beauty.


  Brock: Hans with cat

Brock from the Caviar Gallery made this nice drawing from myself and my cat Sira. I like this very much ! Brocks post on


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