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19 April 2006
  The too distant mirror ?
Delusion of Arts ?

"In Globalization and Its Enemies, Daniel Cohen, a professor of economics at the École Normale Supé-rieure in Paris, provides a refreshing antidote to some of the most misleading features of this consensus. His starting point is the seemingly paradoxical claim that for most people in the world it is not a reality but a mirage. As Cohen sees it, the ongoing wave of globalization—the third in a series that began in the sixteenth century with the conquistadors and continued in the nineteenth with British imperial free trade—occurs largely in a realm of virtual reality and leaves much of everyday life untouched. Nineteenth-century globalization involved large-scale movements of population to new lands, while the present phase involves mainly commodities and images."

The Global Delusion by John Gray

I see much parallels in todays art world in this astonishing insight. Through the magazins, websites and blogs we think to have an overview on what is happening in art, but do you remember the time, when only galleries +- 200 km around your living place had been accessible ?
I then had my focus in Berlin on 15 galleries and 5 major museums and regulary found a startling show, a promising artist or an intriguing image from time to time. Instead of texts and .jpg's I saw the originals. If I travelled an hour by subway to a special show in a Gallery, then in most cases I wouldn't leave it in 5 minutes, but watch carefully even at works I didn't like on the first view.
In 1998 I saw a first show of Neo Rauch at G.H. Lybkes EigenArt in the Auguststraße and this show was to me like a spell. Not one of the 8 or 10 paintings, as I remember, was sold (prizes then 6000-8000 Deutsche Mark), but I spent the big amount of DM 20.00 for the catalogue and brang it a couple of month later to my friend Guy Richards Smit in New York and we had good talks on that. Lybke, as one of the smartest guys in the contemporary artworld did a very good job and pushed Rauch in the right direction and made him successful. I still remember a couple of Rauch's work from the 80s in the late GDR, what I saw then I found pretty terrible. He used the ignorant years of painting through the 90s to develop his new language very well.

With my discovery of artblogs a couple of month ago a lot changed. All the dimensions of crap, all that waste bag called art, all that many and often smart opinions. The distant mirror got me closer, but the art world created mirages.(By the way, what a cool name for a Fighter)
Picking it up, and spitting it out. Next discovery, next little scandal, next emerging artist, next, next ,next. Some comments next and ok, work done for today ?

With the demanding RSS-feeds on my screen, I got lazy to go to the next gallery here in Tbilisi. Probably that's anyway crap, maybe. And the next crap awaits me right here at my screen also.

I developed a good mistrust in artworks in generally, thanks to many of the professional art lyers and emerging success ghosts at paintersnyc and others. It became a real mirage, (great word, again !) to me. Blogging in many cases creates halfgrown mirages and a many lies, exept the few true star-bloggers, for those its worth the whole reading. But isn't it, that we still don't realize our doing and fail most of the time, in front of easel or screen ? A mirage, what we create.



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